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TowerAmerica has been the market leader for wireless communications sites in the United States for more than a decade.

Headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida, with regional offices in North Carolina and Houston, TowerAmerica specializes in the art of tower management; everything from site management to engineering and legal services. We have been the most innovative tower management company who is always ahead of the others in solutions to the telecommunications and broadcast industry.

We been solving problems far longer than anyone else. We know towers. We know how to maximize your potential. And best of all, we know how to serve the site locators. Focusing on resolving complex issues for our customers, TowerAmerica serves leading wireless communications providers and broadcasters such as ABC, AT&T Wireless, CBS, Charles River Broadcasting, Cingular, CNN, FOX, Metro PCS, Morris Broadcast, NBC, Nextel, Paxson Communications, Radio Unica, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, Triad Communications, Verizon Wireless, and many others. TowerAmerica also provides complex engineering consulting services to the National Football League, both the Democratic and Republican National Parties and the U.S. Olympics.

TowerAmerica provides professional management for your company to keep pace with the explosive growth of the wireless industry.

Our wide range of telecommunications consulting services include:

  • Our Market Research Beats All Others Hands Down! to determine the viability and intrinsic value of each tower site.
  • Our Planning Allows For Maximum Capacity and Revenue Potential, creating more efficient operations.
  • We Lead the Nation in Advancing New Technologies to increase transmission efficiency and enable multiple frequency users to operate on a single tower, interference free.
  • We Streamline Management to Provide a More Cost Efficient Tower, while maximizing potential revenues.
  • Advancing your company’s interest to assure long-term profitability and professional management of your telecommunications sites is the number one focus of TowerAmerica’s commitment to customer service. Contact a TowerAmerica representative today to meet your telecommunications needs.